Thursday, April 5, 2012

#8 Comparing and Constrating the Master of Comedy to the King of Horror

The last novel I read was Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. It was an autobiography of Steve Martin, and it included entertaining events about his childhood, as well as the life story of his career in entertainment.

Compared to On Writing, both books were entertaining. In fact, they must have been the most entertaining non-fiction books that I have ever read. Steve Martin's book made me feel like I was reading a movie (if that makes any sense) and Stephen King's book was just as entertaining to read as any of his other novels.

In contrast, Stephen's book was not just autobiography, but also a writing guide. And as a student who has many ideas for novels or movies, the writing portion of the book is more beneficial to me than Steven Martin's "just-a-biography" novel. Though I want to entertain people, reading about Steven Martin's career doesn't help me because most of the places that he preformed at as a child either changed dramatically or had been shut down for quite sometime.

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